Brisbane is located in the southeast part of the state of Queensland in Australia, situated on the Brisbane River and near the Moreton Bay. With its subtropical climate, it has warm weather throughout the year, with average summer temperatures of 30°C and average winter temperatures of approximately 17°C. During spring and summer, the weather is hot and moist.

Starting from March, when the autumn begins, the temperatures slowly begin to fall. Thanks to the climate of this area, the winters in Brisbane are warm, with pleasant, mild temperatures and sunny weather, so it is ideal to explore this city during winter months and spend time outside.

Since Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, it is a very populous city with plenty of activities. If you visit Brisbane during June and August, there will be plenty of activities for both children and adults. For starters, we will mention Brisbane Winter Festival, which is an ideal place for families. During this festival, Brisbane becomes winter wonderland, with an open-air ice-skating rink, toboggans, entertainment, music and plenty of winter food, drinks and sweets.

Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival is another activity where you can enjoy and also take your kids. The adults can enjoy horse races, but the whole event can easily be transformed into family time, because there are many attractions for the youngest, including free horse rides.

Brisbane is the city that has a lot of festivals over the entire year, and one of the largest and the most popular ones – Queensland Music Festival – is held in July. Other than this, there are plenty of small, local festivals which offer not only musical program, but also exhibitions, local foods and drinks, workshops and much more. Some of the festivals are held in the city, and the others are located in the villages and towns nearby.

The city of Brisbane itself is quite interesting itself, even if you do not visit any of the festivals and events. It is full of all kinds of parks, where you can take children to play, where you can exercise or simply enjoy the nature. Because the weather is warm and sunny during winter months, you can have a very pleasant picnic or barbeque in this period of the year.

In addition to parks, the Brisbane River also has a lot to offer. There are several river cruise lines and ferries you can take, some of them even for free. This way, you will be able to create a nice route down the river, visit many of the city’s attractions, take wonderful photos or simply enjoy the sun and the company of your friends or family.

Southbank is the most famous part of the Brisbane River, and it offers plenty of activities all year round, and so it does in winter months as well. The Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Museum are located in this area, together with several more museums, galleries, but also many cafes and restaurants where you can go if you want to take a break.

The city of Brisbane indeed has a lot to offer, and with its ideal climate and warm temperatures during winter months, make your choice and enjoy the winter days in this wonderful city.