After Sidney and Canberra, Brisbane is third on the list of the biggest and the most populated cities in Australia, these two features are not the only features that characterize this city. This green city has interesting history that can amaze you and the perfect climate, also its population is multicultural, and when you get there you will have a chance to meet persons from everywhere.

All this makes Brisbane the third gem of Australia, only Canberra and Sidney are above it. Here are some places you surely would not want to miss when visiting Brisbane.

1. The well known Queen Street, and when you already there Queen Street Mall. This street has an unique history, before it became the Brisbane’s most popular street for shopping it was a place for prisoners of Brisbane. This street consisted of numerous barracks that were used as the ‘accommodation’ for convicted persons. Today, its look is completely changed, and in this street you will find everything you need, visiting this street will be very interesting and enjoyable especially if you are a shopping addict. Queen Street Mall was built in a purpose of providing the ultimate shopping experience, and it annually has more than 25 million satisfied visitors.

2. Brisbane Arcade has a little more bizarre story, it is believed that it is haunted by ghosts, or so say certain shoppers and visitors. Brisbane’s growing popularity is a product of its outstanding history, but also myths and legends that are tied to it. This elegant arcade even made it up to media and newspapers which are often reporting of supernatural phenomena. Not only visitors, but the security guards of Brisbane’s Arcade also claim that they caught a ghost with the corner of their eye.

Some say that this is a ghost of a former owner that still lurks the hallways of this Arcade, some say that this is a ghost of certain woman called Mary McIntosh, that lurks the Arcade with purpose of punishing her family which supposedly was notorious. When you visit the Arcade, pay attention for a female figure, maybe just you will see a ghost, if you are not easily scared, this can be an interesting adventure for you.

3. The Ekka, Brisbane’s biggest festival, that attract a large number of visitors each year, both locals and tourists. The Ekka has a long tradition, it was held in 1876 for the first time, and it was not skipped for one year since its beginning. This festival is usually held in January at the most beautiful Brisbane park – Bowen Park. Ekka is an event in which residents and non residents are gathered and showing off the latest wonders and innovations in the world.

The first thing that was on a display of this event was a free bag of coil, this would not surprise you now, but it was amazing then. Only a little later, patrons of this event were amazed by all the wonders of technology such as telephones, microphones and so on.